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Blondey and Liz – As Roaring as the 20's

Frank and Liz
Edwin Mason
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Frank and Liz preparing a Pizza Pie!
Frank making the famous Blondey's Pizza
Former NYS Senator, Edwin Mason, and personal friend of Frank and Liz and Hobart native

Many of us remember Blondey’s, a former restaurant/bar in Hobart, NY that was very popular. Below is a terrific article written in 1976 about the history of Blondey’s. Click the photo to enlarge.

Blondey and Liz - Roaring 20's

3 responses to “Blondey and Liz – As Roaring as the 20's”

Bob Clark - February 6, 2012
Liz was the one that showed me how to dance my grandfather took me there all the time when it was OK for kids to go to a family bar then when I got older I went there alone it was the best blondey was a good oboy.

HHS - February 6, 2012
Bob! Thanks so much for sharing your personal memories of Liz and Blondey. We hope others will do the same as we know so many folks were a part of Blondey’s and its terrific history!

Johnny (Foote) Wilson - February 20, 2012
Many years ago,,, about 70, when we lived at the Montgomery Homestead, behind Blondey’s, I would ride my pony, Rexy, down over the hill behind Blondey’s and wait for Liz to come out with a carrot for Rexy…many times, it was not Liz but someone that had a little too much of the malt and wanted to race back up the hill to the Homestead…needless to say, clearly no contest!~!!