A Look Back at Hobart, NY History is Here!

Hobart NY HistoryWe celebrated the 125th Anniversary of the Village Incorporation during 2013.

"A Look Back at Hobart, NY – On the 125th Anniversary of the Village Incorporation – 1888-2013 was compiled during the past two years by James G. Meagley, who grew up in the Village. The book has 372 pages, with 650 photos, including a photo of every building currently in the Village and is a significant update and expansion of A Century of Hobart 1888-1988, published twenty-five years ago." - See more fo this review at The New York History Blog

The Delaware County Historical Association recognized the book by awarding one of its annual merit awards in 2013 to James G. Meagley and the Hobart Historical Society

We have softcover editions for $20. Hardcover editions for $40; sales tax included; $5 extra per book for mailing.

They are available in several of the bookstores in Hobart.

If anyone has questions please contact 607 278 5458.



Historic 1/2 Hours

Historical Half HoursGet a glimpse into our history – from childhood memories to conspiracy theories! Historic Half-Hours started out as a way to preserve the many memories and stories that our members have and expanded to anyone that has a story to tell about Hobart and its surrounding area. (And who doesn’t have a story?)

Please join us live and in person the first Wednesday of every month, as we host these Half-Hours at the beginning of our regular business meetings at 1 PM. If you aren’t able to attend or just want to catch up, read a variety of transcripts and videos of these special presentations HERE.

Have an idea for a speaker or a topic? Please feel free to contact us


General Historical Articles of Interest:

The Hobart Historical Society received the 2006 Award of Merit from the Delaware County Historical Association for its contribution to the preservation and presentation of local history. You can find our Hobart Historical Articles and Ramblings.

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