Personal Memories of Growing up in Hobart

Hobart Hotel

Mary Peters Betz

The last time I spoke about the village and its’ many business and buildings. This time I would like to tell you about my many memories. This also will be in no particular chronological order. As you know, I was the youngest child in my family. It was both nice and at times lonely, although I must.......Continue Reading.

A Brief History of Maple-Bank Hospital

Hobart HotelF. D. Brown, M.D.

Villages surrounding Hobart had dwelling houses converted into hospitals. Maple-Bank was designed and built as a small village hospital for Hobart and its environs where dairying was the chief industry.......Continue Reading.

Hobart in the 30's and 40's

Maple AveMary Peters Betz

I was born in Hobart in the small house between Jim Barr’s home and the Methodist parsonage. My Dad was a carpenter (he built two houses here in Hobart and several in Stamford) and my Mother was a housewife. I was the youngest of four children – by 10 years.........Continue Reading.

The Village of Hobart Swimming Pool

Maple AveF. D. Brown, M.D.

The Village of Hobart Swimming Pool represents one of the finest community efforts one could imagine. To name any one person as responsible would be to leave out most of the area residents.

The pool was built in 1936 on land donated to the Village by Robert Cowan........Continue Reading.

At Home in the Last Century and Changes Since

Maple AveWallace H. Rich

I will tell a little about how we lived – the changes that came along and some happenings along the way. Before 1900, Hobart had no electricity, no cars, no telephones, radio, television, hard roads or RFD. He got the job, much to the surprise of most everyone. He drove a team of small mules a long time, slow, but sure...........Continue Reading.